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November 13th - 16th, 2019

New York City

Hide in plain sight as you explore dozens of locations throughout New York City.

Fight, hack, and discover arcane rituals, merging cyberpunk and fantasy.

Sacrifice your friends, your beliefs and even yourself… for the greater good.

Ticket Sales END September 14th!

General Admission - $560

After you ascend, you have a long way to fall

  • 4 nights, 3 days of live action role-play.

  • A bespoke experience: characters, plots, and NPCs tailored to your needs.

  • Over 40 hours of facilitated play, plus 24-hour/day staff support.

  • Online participation, multiple workshops, debriefs, and social events.


Someone has to take the blame... 

It's not fair, it's not right, but it's got to be done, or else all of you are going down. The technomancers screwed up royally, and the fallout of their failed Ascension Project threatens to destroy all of Enlightened Society. You're a Mancer... the mundanes would call you "mages" if they knew about you... and there's consequences coming if you and your kind can't pin the blame on someone. The problem is that all of the Five Families had a hand in what

happened, and none of them want to take the fall.  Justice is impossible, which is why everyone's looking for a scapegoat.

Scapegoat is a story of urban noir that takes place in a hidden world inside New York City. For four days, you hide in plain sight, playing members of an arcane society in crisis. This larp takes place in locations throughout New York City, and focuses on the personal relationships that are questioned, strained and broken when you make pragmatic choices "for the greater good." A sprawling event telling an ambitious story, Scapegoat combines elements of cyberpunk, modern fantasy, and political thriller while using all of New York City as its backdrop. 

I was wrathful with a friend, I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was wrathful with a foe, I told it not, my wrath did grow. 

Participant Experience

Participant Experience

Scapegoat is a pervasive larp - you’ll be playing in public, at locations selected for comfort and safety that meet our aesthetic of “cyberpunk meets modern fantasy.” You’ll meet in small groups throughout the city, before you come together for the grand finale Saturday night. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to create your own scenes, and even play 24 hours a day if that suits you… or, if you prefer, you can enjoy Scapegoat as an evening and weekend experience. Participants


should expect the majority of their play to be in public spaces: however, we will have several options for private play to allow for more dramatic or intimate role-play.

You’ll play a Mancer, a hermetic mage that is part of a secret organization called Enlightened Society. Some Mancers are illusionists, or necromancers, or even technomancers (who Project Ascension players will recall as the “The Conspiracy”). A terrible accident has occurred that threatens the foundation of Enlightened Society, and over four days you’ll decide as a group who takes the blame. This process is called Scapegoating, and by the end of it, a number of you will be banished from this group that’s become your family, all for the greater good.



Included in your ticket:

  • A bespoke character, designed specifically for you, and supported by plots and non-participant characters generated to support that character.

  • 40 hours of facilitated role-play, and support to make sure you always have a place to role-play and people to role-play with.

  • Setting guides and materials to answer all your questions about the world.

  • Two workshops, including an online safety workshop and an in-role experience to help you how to play safely and effectively, plus an optional debrief on Sunday.

  • Access to our private, after-hours in-role lounge (additional workshop required).

  • Support for impromptu scenes, including our help with hosting your own private events from your apartment or hotel room.

  • 24-hour staff support and access to our in-role Discord server.


Note: Scapegoat does NOT include food or lodging.

Additional packages will include:

  • Special scenes that can include fight choreography, escape room-style heists, and special effects.

  • In-role support and concierge service for private locations and ticketed events.

  • Integration of your New York City vacation with the events of the larp.


Our general admission price is $560. You may pay in monthly installments.


For every ten tickets sold, we will provide a complimentary ticket to a member of the larp community.


Our survey can help you learn more about the experience:



As a larp that takes place throughout New York City and encourages public role-play, Scapegoat requires a robust safety design to protect both participants and non-participants and to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and accessible context for role-play. Our safety system includes three categories:

  • ​Training: You’ll have numerous tools to have a safe and enjoyable experience; we want to make sure you’re comfortable using them. Leading up to the event, you’ll learn more about our online workshop, an  in-role workshop we call "Level One",  and our Fight Call and Physical Touch Workshop.

  • Accessibility: We consider both physical and emotional needs when we discuss accessibility. As part of this, we not only check our locations for things like elevators, lighting conditions, and noise levels, we also review our content for material that might make some of our participants uncomfortable, and use a technique called “zoning” to ensure participants consciously opt into such scenes. 



Producer - Ryan Hart

Associate Producer - Betsy Isaacson

Executive Producer - Jason Knox, Robin A. Rothman

Production Manager - Terra Warman

Run-Time Director - Ericka Skirpan

Design - Ryan Hart & Betsy Isaacson

Art Direction - Taran Lopez

Property Design - Alex Young

Marketing - Xenia Smith

Participant Care - Lauren Gwyther

Safety - KaT Adams

Cultural Consultant - Jay Justice

Editor - Jacqueline Bryk

DJ - Dyztort

Writers - Ryan Hart, Joshua Heath, Kristen Hendricks, Kate Hill, Betsy Isaacson, Anastasia Mars, Barbara Perez Marquez, Caroline Murphy, Laurie Rich, Rachel Savicki, Ben "Books" Schwartz, Xenia Smith

Facilitators - KaT Adams, Lucie Allouche, Andrew Broaddus, Jason Burnett, Diana Dunlap, Nivedita Ganesh, Micah Greenberg, Ryan Hart, Betsy Isaacson, Julia Jurgilewicz, Rita McCann, Tony Ray, Shaheen Rogers, Rachel Savicki, Rafael Svarin, Ericka Skirpan, Jennifer Suter, Michael Walker, Terra Warman, Yessie Werner, Devin Ziel and Lara Marcin as Belle

Online Facilitators - Vicki Bloom, Alice Lytle, Racheline Maltese, Charlotte Raines

Run Crew - Kelsey Black, Troy Franklin, Kris Guiwo, Samara Metzler, Sharon Underberg-Davis

Promotional Materials by - Banana Chan (video) & Zack Filkhoff (photos)

Models - Allegra Durante, Julia Jurgilewicz, Jason Knox, Lara Marcin, Katalena Mermelstein-Knox, Tony Ray, Shaheen Rogers, Kelsey Rondeau, Ericka Skirpan



Contact us at for more information.

Scapegoat is complete!

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